Yesterday my family went on a road trip. I was kind of tired, so I decided to look out my window for a while. You know what I saw? A cold, grey, April day. It did not help lift my already tired spirits. I kept staring, and eventually realized that the clouds aren’t just grey. Sometimes they’re lavender, or light periwinkle. Sometimes they’re their own collection of some of my favorite colors and I almost missed it because I was so blinded by the grey.

It was just after one when we left for our trip, so by the time we were headed back the sun was setting. You know what else I saw that day? Lines of gold, and orange, and yellow shining off of the lavender and periwinkle clouds. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a sky that beautiful, and I almost missed it because it all seemed “grey”.

Everything has something more hidden inside. A different color, a different shape. Something. I absolutely love it. “Why?“, you may ask? Because it means that whatever there is in life that seems bad has an upside. I’m determined to try and always find the upside.


Oh the Things She’ll See…

Most people I know hate winter. Especially snow. I’ve heard a lot of complaints in this April storm and wanted to share something. I took this picture this morning and was completely in love with the colors, and what it portrayed. To me it shows that despite every terrible pile of slush, there is a bright, happy little flower. In the midst of two days of awful there is still a little bit of beauty. And, if you look around, there really is beauty everywhere. I think that’s why snow doesn’t bother me so much. If it hadn’t snowed, I would have never gotten this picture.