5 Day VA Challenge, by Digital Nomad Kit – Day 3

Now that we have the where and the focus established, remember that you and the people you’re seeking are humans. Be friendly, joke around, and show yourself. Picture yourself walking into a room of people, how would you interact with them? I know a facebook group, or even just a feed (like Twitter and Instagram) can be intimidating, but it’s less like standing on stage and talking, and more like bumping into someone and saying hello.

Remember to listen, too. Read the room and pay attention to your audience. Once you find a community that you relate too, it should be easier to take part in conversations and say “Hey, I’ve had that problem too, and this is how I managed it.” Or, “I’m currently having that problem, how did you manage it?” People love to talk, and love to talk about themselves (she says as she writes on her blog about herself and her thoughts…), so once you take interest in someone, they’ll notice and remember your actions toward investing in them.

I’ve barely started creating my community and have a long way to go, but these are just my notes and thoughts, and some steps I’m going to take moving forward. Best of luck to you making friendships in your community!