One of my best friends and I love potatoes (she actually calls me Little Potato). They taste good, they’re very supportive, and they’re so freakin’ cute. So, as tribute, I decided to write a haiku about them. (It’s more that I’ve been wanting to write a haiku and today I was thinking about potatoes.)

Oh, the potato.
A root unlike all others.
So versatile.

Different sides.
Sweet, salty, and with so much sass,
It’s support goes on.

Never gonna give up.
Ain’t never gonna let you down.
Never run around.

(Oh, why, yes you have.
Today the Rick Roll goes on.
Roll. Like potato.)

Need a hearty snack?
Are you having a bad day?
Potato’s got you.

It may seem little,
But potato is quite strong.
Ready for a fight.

What’s that? An insult?
Potato is after you.
Lurking in shadow.

You never know when…
When the potato will strike…
It has a black belt.

Training in all arts,
It supports and it defends.
After a long nap.

Potato is strong,
But also likes to take naps.
Snuggles for the win.

Music Inspired Haiku: #5

I heard a loud voice:
“Let the dancing commence!”
People rushed out.

I got swept along.
Not ready for all of this…
But, I had no choice.

There’s so much going on.
I’m far too overwhelmed.
I need to escape.

“Let me out of it,”
I said. But no one heard me.
Just let it all end…

Music Inspired Haiku: #4

So much is at stake.
With one fight comes another.
It's inescapable.

Seems never ending.
Something lurking all around...
Oh, so much madness.

But with all shadows,
there's bound to be a light.
Somewhere, anyway...

Light's not what you think.
Seems safe, but not always.
Things hide in plain view.

Easy to get lost,
when plain view seems so right.
Just as much a trap.

Daggers hang around,
aiming for the soul inside.
Escape? None in sight.

Can this all be real?
I'm not ready to fight yet...
Please... all be a dream...

Music Inspired Haiku: #3

As I walk through life,
I remember what I've seen.
The places I've been.

Rome, Paris, Madrid...
Each holds a place in my heart.
I miss them all so...

I can't escape them.
I see them everywhere.
Transported each time.

Music Inspired Haiku: #2

Oh the angst of life.
A pull and push all at once.
Like a life-long dance.

Every piece falls.
Once they land at the bottom,
you see reality.

The pain and anger.
Pieces thrown everywhere.
Enough of this life!

Then the tables turn.
You notice the truth of it.
Even more rage comes.

Like a fight inside,
you push them and get pushed.
Endless loop. A trap.

Music Inspired Haiku: #1

Searching... they all were...
Trying to find the lost piece.
Looking through each hall.

None knew what it was,
this thing they wanted to find.
But, gone? That they knew.

Perplexed were all.
Lost in thought, looking all around.
So lost they didn't see...

See the enemy.
Too much to hold. Much at stake.
Looking all around.

Wandering and lost,
they find one small, hidden door.
Each push with relief.

They didn't find it...
Not what they were looking for...
What they needed? Yes.

They ran with their joy,
sprinting along searched halls.
They had much to show.

Multiple stories.
Stories of pain, death, and life.
Each one holding truth.

Pain, the thing most fought.
Death, sought in more ways than one.
Life? Hard, but holds worth.

After much of them,
all three have been conquered.
Each feat fought bravely.

New Things

One of my best friends is working on getting a music degree, so music is something we talk about quite often. Her music and my music are usually incredibly different, and I wanted to get a closer look at what she appreciated about hers so much. My friend, my sister, and I went to two concerts last night. Both were piano and I had basically no idea what was going on. I couldn’t tell you who played, or what they were playing, but I can tell you that it was an amazing experience.

I was exhausted all day (my youth group had a lock-in the night before), so really listening to the music wasn’t that hard. I easily spaced out, and a couple minutes into the first piece I couldn’t stop writing haiku after haiku. For some reason the music reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and the confusion that she experienced while she was there.

I don’t think what I wrote really makes any sense. It only seems like a fragment of a story, but it really helped me realize how powerful music can be. Everything I wrote was based off the feelings I had and the things that that music reminded me of. After yesterday, I really did learn how to appreciate music. I learned how to “see” things, and imagine things, and turn simple vibrations into something that means so much to so many people. Let’s just say, last night was a total success. I’ll be posting revised versions of the haiku, in order by piece, for the next five days or so.


I see differently.
I see all the beauty in things.
Things not expected.

I see what they don’t.
Every color, every shape.
Light among the dark.

Some don’t see the point.
They trudge along, ignoring.
But what if they stop?

Try different too?
Join in all the crazy?
Method to madness.

I run all around,
absorbing all that I can.
Smelling and looking.

Doing all these things,
I probably look silly.
But that’s the fun part.

I like different.
It makes people ask questions.
Makes them see new things.

The title is why,
but I still don’t have a clue.
Not that there’ll be one.

It’s just my nature.
I see the beauty that’s there.
The beauty within.