I love the family that you pick. The people you meet one day, befriend, and never want to let go of. I spent a majority of my life without many friends, but once my family switched churches I gained a huge, loud, loving family that I would never give up for a second. I’ve learned lately that each friend holds a different position, just like each family member does. With one friend I would run down the street in super hero capes at twelve o’ clock at night, and another I would snuggle up too and read with on a rainy day, and be just as happy. Without the diversity of my huge “family” I probably wouldn’t be where I am today doing what I do. I can certainly promise I wouldn’t be a poet and artist.

I’ve had friends come and go, and thinking back on it, it usually hurts. I miss the friends who’ve left. But, if they hadn’t left, I wouldn’t have the friends I do now. I hate the idea of growing up and having things change, but if things don’t change then my family won’t grow. I won’t have more random brothers and sisters and parents. I need those. I need people who will inspire me, and love me, and help me love, even if it’s only for a short time.

A couple years ago I wondered why someone would make friends if they know they’re going to leave someday? Why put your whole heart into something when you know it’ll be broken?

  1. Because being loved is worth it
  2. Because other people usually need you as much as you need them
  3. Because life without love isn’t as much of an adventure

It’s always interesting to me when someone tells me how much I mean to them. I’m an extrovert, so I whole-heartedly love pretty much everyone I meet, but for years I never realized what that meant to people. Other people need to feel loved just as much as I do, and I help spread that. If I had quit way back in the beginning because I knew there would be heart break I would’ve missed out on all the joy. All the late nights with my best friend, all the extra “mom hugs”, and the realization that I bring joy to peoples lives. I think one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given is the ability to make someone feel loved.