I’ve seen a lot of foster kids/ families over the last few years. I’ve seen families who’ve been fostering for years, and some who are still knew at it. I’ve seen how much love an entire family can give to one, or many, kids. I love it.

I started drawing something the other day that turned into something a whole lot better. I was trying to draw my best friend and I snuggling, because that’s one of my safe places. Eventually, that drawing turned into a little girl holding onto her foster dad. I was trying to channel the same kind of safety and warmth I get when I’m having a rough day. When I finally get that long hug I need, and everything feels better. It reminded me of one of the foster/ adopted kids I mentioned before.

There’s a lady at my church who fosters kids with special needs. One day she got one little baby who was (and still is) ADORABLE. Everybody loved him. Anytime I saw him I’d go over and try and get a little smile out of him, but I got nothin’. It wasn’t until one family from my church met him that things started to change.

As soon as they met him, this family kinda new they were gonna adopt him. They absolutely loved him. It didn’t take long after he was adopted for some little smiles to pop up here and there.

Now, I don’t know why I could never get a smile out of this kid. It might’ve been because he was so young, it certainly wasn’t because he wasn’t loved at his foster home (I know his foster momma, and she’s got a lot of love to share), but I do know that we change when we know we’re loved. When we have a family who cares about us.

I entitled this post Finally because the story of that little boy, and the story of a lot of other kids, reminds me that when you take the chance to love someone, you change their life. Even if it’s just for a little bit. Sometimes people, not just kids, need someone to go out of their way and finally love them the way they’ve been waiting for.

“Finally” – Sophia DeRosia