Music Inspired Haiku: #1

Searching... they all were...
Trying to find the lost piece.
Looking through each hall.

None knew what it was,
this thing they wanted to find.
But, gone? That they knew.

Perplexed were all.
Lost in thought, looking all around.
So lost they didn't see...

See the enemy.
Too much to hold. Much at stake.
Looking all around.

Wandering and lost,
they find one small, hidden door.
Each push with relief.

They didn't find it...
Not what they were looking for...
What they needed? Yes.

They ran with their joy,
sprinting along searched halls.
They had much to show.

Multiple stories.
Stories of pain, death, and life.
Each one holding truth.

Pain, the thing most fought.
Death, sought in more ways than one.
Life? Hard, but holds worth.

After much of them,
all three have been conquered.
Each feat fought bravely.