Running, or Waiting?

I’ve always been the type of person to keep going as long as I can (which isn’t always very far, but I still try.) If I know something is important, and I know how to handle it, then I push as hard as I can. Like going cold turkey. However, I’ve learned that’s not always a good thing.

I’m really involved at my church, so I’m usually there two or three times a week. I’ve always done my best to be there whether I feel nauseous or not. I was determined not to let me nausea get in the way, so I would always push. Well, I’ve learned that isn’t always a good idea. If I take a break, get a chance to catch my breath, and come back next week, I’ll feel a lot better and be able to give my best.

I don’t like that I have to step back, but it’s important. I’m no use to anyone if I overextend myself and am just sick all the time.

It’s also important, though, to make sure you aren’t running from what hurts. If you have a cut, and it feels like it’s infected, but you’re too scared to pull off the bandaid because you know it’s gonna hurt, you’re never gonna be able to make that cut feel better. It’s gonna get worse, and worse, until it’s too big for you to handle on your own.

You can’t run from the problems that you have. As long as you leave that bandaid there, they’re gonna stay with you. If you want them to go away, you have to deal with them, but that doesn’t mean you need to deal with them alone, or all at once. Take baby steps. Eventually you’ll get there.