Thank You, Bob

I’ve recently started watching Bob Ross (3 episodes in so far) and I’ve learned quite a lot. I decided instead of spending a ton of money on art classes I’d try teaching myself, and it’s totally played off.

A couple weeks ago I was at F.Y.E. with my cousin, and we saw this picture of the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter. I looked at my cousin, and I said, “I could do that.” Thus I departed on a mission to paint what I had seen.

After a couple weeks, and having a vague idea of what I was painting, the painting obviously didn’t look the same as the one at F.Y.E. (also because they used a different medium to create the picture). But, I say it looks pretty cool otherwise. I also got the chance to use some things I learned from my three episodes of Bob Ross.

I tried two new techniques with this painting.

I used sort of a dry brush technique to get the smokey look on the edges, then I added a little white to give it some depth, and smoothed it all out with a brush to get ride of the brush strokes.

Another technique I used was some water colors I got recently. I wanted to try the tube water colors, as opposed to the pallet, just to see if there was a difference. I looked it up online, and the site I went to said the tube colors are brighter because the color is more concentrated.  I forgot that, so when I went to get a cool, light, smokey look with my watercolors it was SUPER vibrant. But, with the help of some other colors, using a brush and some water to water down the preexisting colors, it turned out great. Almost exactly how I imagined it. And, as Bob Ross has helped me learn, mistakes are only happy accidents. It may not be perfect, but it’s exactly the way it was supposed to be.