The Cliffs of Insanity!!!

I thought things would be less crazy this week, but alas, no. This week we got ready for my sister’s second graduation party (which went wonderfully last night), and we’ve been getting ready for a trip. As of tomorrow my sister and I will be in Pennsylvania for Teen Leadership Conference. It’s a conference for high school students put on by Clark’s Summit University. Thus meaning, I won’t be writing next week either. For all that I’m not super excited I haven’t been writing, I’ve learned a lot from not doing so.

I also felt a huge win in the last couple weeks. I think every writer wonders if they’re noticed. I’ve been working on my social media marketing, and marketing in general, and it finally payed off. The statistics on my site showed that I got TWO Google searches. To me that means that people aren’t just randomly looking at my site when they see it on Twitter, or Facebook, but that they’re actually looking for it. I’m jumping for joy.

At the moment I’m really exhausted, so I don’t think I’ll have a lot of blog posts in me for a while. But, hopefully I’ll get to writing again soon.