“We don’t make mistakes, only happy little accidents.” – Bob Ross

I love that quote so much. Without that quote, I honestly doubt I would be an artist.

I get frustrated very easily, and I’ve been told I tend to be quite stubborn, so when my art didn’t turn out the way I thought it should, I would quit. I think that’s why I never really became an artist until now. Here’s a great story for you, though.

Do you see this cat?

This cat was supposed to be a big, hairy, fluffy dog named marshmallow. Now, there are two things I could take away from this:

1. It’s not a dog.
2. IT’S SIR THOMAS III!!! (a.k.a. Tommy)

If I hadn’t ran with it, and just let the art become itself, I would’ve never ended up with this adorable cat (with which I hope to get someday).

That advice from Bob Ross doesn’t only apply to art, either. There are so many days I get up, and have a plan, and it just doesn’t work out. I’m still working on not getting frustrated with that…

Knowing that all art comes together by itself, though, really is quite reassuring. On days when I’m stuck I can either stare at my art, or try something. Often the idea of trying something is terrifying, but if I never tried something I would never learn anything new.

That quote from Bob Ross gives me the courage to go out and try something new. Whether it’s in every day life, or my art.