5 Day VA Challenge by Digital Nomad Kit – Day 2

My intent for this challenge was to do the daily exercises, then have a blog post up by 5:30 every day. However I didn’t anticipate, like, *life things*. Family, some work that popped up, and I completely forgot it’s Thanksgiving week, and my parents are coming over tomorrow. So, I’ve adjusted my expectations for myself. In high school I wanted to adopt the discipline of having a blog post out two days a week, but didn’t give myself any flexibility or grace, and it was awful and I burned myself out, so I gave up. This time around, I want to focus more on taking my time and absorbing, as opposed to forcing knowledge into my brain.

Day 2 of the challenge was focused on money management. More so focusing on growing and and what you can be, and not limiting yourself to what you think you can be. Not just stopping at enough, but working towards being successful.

As a young person trying to find a job, it was near impossible to find something that paid at least $15/hour, and right now in life I’m trying to build a foundation for a career, and that just can’t happen if I’m spending all my time just to live. I want more than that. I want to live. In day 2 they laid down a base fact, $15/hour should be a base rate, and anything less is down cutting yourself, and not worth your time.

My focus moving forward is to lay out a plan for myself, and be more intentional. Understand myself, my skills, and what I can offer, and build that as I go. Most likely start at $25/hour, and every month or so raise it to $30, then $35, because if I’m growing over time, my worth and abilities are as well.

I’m writing this Wednesday morning, actually in the middle of a DNK live coaching session, which will likely have it’s own blog post tomorrow. Stay tuned to hear not only my thoughts on the sessions, but also how I’m putting it to use, and how I’m facilitating a healthy environment for myself as I grow.