The 5 Day VA Challenge, by Digital Nomad Kit – Day 1

In July I decided the job I had wasn’t a good fit for me, or my health, so I resigned. Since then I’ve been looking for something that was better for my body, mind, and future. It was a toss up between getting just any job for the money security, or getting the right job. The hard part was, I didn’t know what the right job was.

I’m really quite young, so I had plenty of time and plenty of choices, but I wanted something that would help me grow, and that I could turn into a career. Something that would at least be a foundation to grow off of. I spent about three months looking at options, trying to decide what kind of job I’d want, and what I needed at the time. I tried applying for some bigger jobs that were a bit of a reach, but that I knew I could quickly grow into. I got a couple interviews, but that was about it. Two months later I decided to readjust my expectations and try something smaller. My plan was to do half and half. Some short hours at one job to get the security and hopefully insurance, and then spend the rest of the time building for a career I wanted. That then lead me to the Digital Nomad Kit 5 Day VA Challenge.

Growing up in the WordPress community has left me with some random skills, but I’ve never been able to compile them in a way where I could look at myself and say “I want to do this someday!” The first day of the VA (Virtual Assistant) challenge is geared toward just that. Finding your why.

  • What Brings You Joy?
  • What Are You Already Good At?
  • And, What Can You Get Paid For?

The first assignment they had us do was put in the Facebook group our “Declaration”, or, elevator pitch. This was mine:

I’m Sophia, and I provide site maintenance, client correspondence, and content organization services. I specialize in social media management and general peopling skills. #day1

I tend to consider myself an avid communicator and organizer, but wasn’t exactly sure what those skills can be used for. Yes, I can do them quite well, but how can I implement them? This workshop laid it out for me, and other skills I could pick up if I wanted to.

When I was very young my dad went freelance, and was a part of a start up, and it was incredibly stressful for our family. Getting started in a new space is scary, and intimidating, but this workshop has already helped me feel more prepared and comfortable, and it’s only day one. A few hours ago I got another rejection email, and that in itself is scary, but who knows. Maybe it’s a sign about what’s yet to come.

Stay tuned for more updates on my thoughts from the 5 Day VA Challenge, and if you know of anyone looking for an organized communicator, hit me up.