One of my best friends and I love potatoes (she actually calls me Little Potato). They taste good, they’re very supportive, and they’re so freakin’ cute. So, as tribute, I decided to write a haiku about them. (It’s more that I’ve been wanting to write a haiku and today I was thinking about potatoes.)

Oh, the potato.
A root unlike all others.
So versatile.

Different sides.
Sweet, salty, and with so much sass,
It’s support goes on.

Never gonna give up.
Ain’t never gonna let you down.
Never run around.

(Oh, why, yes you have.
Today the Rick Roll goes on.
Roll. Like potato.)

Need a hearty snack?
Are you having a bad day?
Potato’s got you.

It may seem little,
But potato is quite strong.
Ready for a fight.

What’s that? An insult?
Potato is after you.
Lurking in shadow.

You never know when…
When the potato will strike…
It has a black belt.

Training in all arts,
It supports and it defends.
After a long nap.

Potato is strong,
But also likes to take naps.
Snuggles for the win.