My family has struggled with depression as long as I can remember. I don’t have a depression disorder, but, like everyone else, there are times when I just get depressed. It’s usually something about myself, and I’ve really struggled over the years to deal with it.

A couple nights ago I found myself in that spot. I was depressed because I didn’t really see any good in myself, so, I made a list of all the things people have told me I’m good at. The things I don’t see, but others clearly do. At the time, I felt kind of stupid making that list, but it really did help.

Quite often when I’m depressed, pretty much any idea to help fix it seems dumb. It seems dumb to write, or hear, something good about myself, but I need it. Everyone needs it. Everyone needs to know they make a difference, and that they bring joy to other peoples lives. The trick, though, is to believe what those people say. No matter what they say, it won’t make a difference until you choose to start seeing what they do. The truth.