The Cocoon

I love my cocoon beyond words. It’s a place I feel safe, and warm, and protected from all the things. My cocoon contains books, stuffed animals, my blanket, and many various warm beverages. Everyone needs a cocoon. They need a place to recuperate and get ready to face the world one more time.

I’ve had quite a busy week. I have my WordCamp talk due in a week, and next week my church is having it’s Vacation Bible School (we call it Base Camp). I was in a really good writing mood Thursday night, so I stayed up until about 11:30. I’ve stayed up that late multiple times before, so I assumed I’d be fine Friday. I was wrong. Around lunch I moved between two spots, and two spots only. The couch, and my window seat (it’s basically a make shift bed). I was pretty productive this morning, but after lunch I tried to move as little as possible. I was completely exhausted.

I think that was good for me, though. I’ve been so busy lately it’s been a while since I’ve taken a day off. I actually took a NAP. That rarely happens unless I’m dying of the plague, or have a cold or something.

Let’s just say, my cocoon was put to good use. I got to hide a little bit, recharge, listen to some good tunage (music), and get ready to face the rest of life.