How God Provides

In Sunday School last week, one of the things we talked about was how God provides for us in ways we don’t always see. That’s why sometimes it seems like he’s doing nothing, when he’s actually doing a lot. That morning I got to see how that works first-hand. But, first, a little back story.


I had been having kind of a rough week. I’ve been tired, and emotional (not that I’m ever emotional), and it all just kinda snowballed without me knowing. My parents were gone on the weekend, and we stayed up pretty late, thus making me more tired and emotional. So, come Sunday, at church, I was a wreck. I didn’t feel well, I was exhausted, and I was dragging through the morning. I was sitting there in Sunday School, just kind of feeling like a little blob of ick (that’s a technical term, ya know), and I really wanted a hug. But, not just a regular hug. A warm, comforting, mom hug. Then, just when I needed her, in comes, a “mom”. We’ll get back to this after a little more back story.


This “mom” that I mentioned, I’ve known her for about five years. It wasn’t until recently that I really started to get to know her, and started to see her as a mom type person. I always knew I could go to her with anything, but never really had to until now. (Okay, back to the first back story.)

BACK STORY #1 (again):

I was sitting in my seat in Sunday School, looked over, and saw this mom type person in the back getting coffee. I decided to get up, and go get a hug. I was tired, I needed it, and it really helped.

Now that all the back story’s over, I can get to the point. The point is that God has a plan. This mom type person that I hugged, God had been working on our friendship for FIVE YEARS so that in this moment, when I needed someone, I would have them. Whenever you feel alone, or like God’s just not there, remember that every time you get a hug from someone who loves you, Christian or not, God is saying, “Hey. I’m here, and I love you. Keep going. You’ll be alright.”

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