Why Do I Write?

When I first started seriously blogging I had a lot of views pretty much every day. (The most I ever got was thirty-five in one day.) When I took a break over the summer, I noticed my views dwindling. Which, I anticipated. Now I have a regular of five views pretty much only when I post. That sounds discouraging, I know. But, let me tell you why it’s not.

I don’t write for views. It was really cool seeing that people liked what I wrote, and I was hoping it helped/ encouraged people, but that wasn’t why I continued to write. I continued to write because it helps me remember things that I’ve gone through. It helps me sort out what’s in my head and find answers. It’s like taking the mess of facts and emotions in my head and editing it all down to a form that’s readable, and makes sense.

I also use my writing as a form of creative output. It’s kind of like what I said about the mess in my head. I take what I see, and feel, and write it down so people get a chance to see and feel it too.

Because writing is so natural to me, it’s a really easy way to process. It’s like giving a musician an instrument; or an artist a paintbrush. My writing taps into the emotional and creative energy that I have, and uses it to create beautiful things (although, they aren’t always beautiful). It takes what I have and uses it. And, if you tend to end up with a lot of it, like me, it really helps to have something to do with it. That way you don’t keep it all inside and just dwell on it over and over.

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