I Am The Worst

I am my worst critic. Everyone is their worst critic. In their music, in their art, or their writing. To us, our stuff is just plain bad. It will never be “as good” as something anyone else ever makes, or writes. You know the interesting thing, though? It never will be.

I’ve been doing Inktober this year and getting a lot of positive views. Mostly likes and follows on Instagram, and from other AMAZING artists. I didn’t understand why anyone, especially amazing artists, could possible like my art. It’s nothing compared to what everyone else is doing. But, then I realized that it’s not supposed to be.

If my art looked like everyone else’s than it wouldn’t be mine. What makes art good is not weather it looks “the way it’s supposed to”, but weather it looks the way YOU want it to. I made all my art the way I wanted to even though I thought it might look kind of weird, or cartoony. That’s just the way it looks, and the way I made it. I’m proud of it.

So, the moral of this story is, you do you. If you wanna make something, make it. Make it the way you want to because it makes you happy. Some of the best things were made when people stepped out of the box and made, or did, something their way.