I Know My Limits

Sometimes you just need to stop. That’s okay. Sometimes, after a long week, you just need to take some time to rest, and heal.

I’d been feeling kind of off all last week. My mom thought we’d been kinda sick, but I felt mostly fine, so I did most of the things I had planned. Then, come Friday, I felt pretty bad. Both physically, and emotionally. I knew I needed some time to stop, and reset, so I chose not to plan anything for the weekend. I wanted some time to clear my head, and just rest. This post is about knowing when to rest when life is difficult.

I’m still dealing with a little anxiety when I go out and do things with people, so going out and doing things can be pretty hard. I haven’t stopped doing them, and I’m not hiding from them because they’re hard. I’m just taking a rest. It’s like training for a marathon (not that I’ve done that). You don’t train 27/7 until that marathon. You train slowly, taking breaks when you need them, so that you aren’t completely exhausted, and sometimes in more pain than you started with, come race day.

Something I’ve been learning through this whole process is self-care. Being a natural extrovert, I’ve always been inclined to go out and do anything with anyone no matter how I felt. That doesn’t always work. As a kid, it kind of does, but the older you get the bigger your struggles are. The more you need time, and space, to stop and think. To evaluate the things that are going on.

You know your limits. Sometimes it’s good to push them, but make sure you don’t push too much and hurt yourself more in the process. Everyone needs time to stop and heal every once in a while.