New Things

I love new things. (Well, most of them.) But my favorite new things are the ones that have been there all along, it just took me a while to see them.

In our bathroom we have a window that looks directly at the neighbors, so we have a curtain hung there all the time. Saturday night my sister and I heard fireworks, so we lifted the curtain to try see. We were too late, but I waited a few minutes by the window to see if there would be any more, and I noticed something amazing. Not only does the world look amazing at 10:30 at night, but you also have a perfect view of the moon from that window. Meaning the moonlight shines in.

When I was little I never experienced moonlight. I don’t know if I was because I never payed attention, or what, but it just wasn’t there. Now I know all the secret places in my house that it likes to come in. It lights up a room in a white, silvery glow. I’m in awe just thinking about it. It’s something so small, but to me, it’s magical.