My Role

I feel like the role I play in a majority of people’s lives is comic relief. When I first realized this a couple years ago I was kind of disappointed. I mean, what kid wants to be the plucky sidekick instead of the super hero? For years I tried acting differently. Being a leader, being brave, being the one to stand up for something. But, no matter how hard I tried, I was always the plucky sidekick. After trying and failing I eventually just accepted who I was and lived with it. (Not that I really failed, though. I learned how to do all the things I had tried to do before.) It wasn’t until recently, though, that I discovered how cool it is to be the plucky sidekick. I don’t even have to try to make someone laugh, or to cheer them up when they have a bad day. That’s just me.

Something I took from this discovery is that we need all different types of people in our lives. We need leaders, and we need plucky sidekicks. I mean, where would Batman be without Robin? Or Robin without Batman? Let’s just say, I’m so thankful to be who I am. To be able to spread joy wherever I go. That’s something I never want to try and hide ever again, and I really hope none of you do either.