No Longer Mine

About five years ago my family started going to a new church, and it had a great youth group. Being so social, it didn’t take long for me to make some AMAZING friends. In 7th grade (my first year in youth group) I remember thinking about how sad I would be when I graduated high school, and I never thought there would come a day when I was ready to let it go. I wanted to hold onto my youth group as long as I could. Until now.

This is my last (and sixth) year of youth group. I remember dreading this year because it would mean the end, but it also means something else. On the very first day of youth group this year I stood there and just looked around the room. I looked at all the new faces. All the new 7th graders just starting, ready to make their mark the way that I, and multiple others, did. Everyone needs the chance to grow, and make an impact, and it’s their turn now. I had mine.

It’s interesting being one of the people that I always looked up to. I have no idea if anyone even does look up to me, but I know now that my job is to be an example. To be someone all of those new faces can look up to, and can come to if they need someone.