The Art Within

I love seeing the different ways people express themselves. Through art, music, writing, or even science. They all mean something. That thrill one might get from playing a really good piece is exactly the same as the thrill one gets from learning something new. I think that might be what hits me the most.

I’m an artist at heart. Always have been. When I see something truly beautiful I get giddy. (On occasion I’ll get so excited I hop up and down.) I always want people to be able to see what I see, and it rarely happens. I think part of that is because they aren’t meant too. If everyone only saw one kind of beauty, no one would ever see anything different. If my best friend didn’t love music so much I probably would’ve missed an entire window of beauty, and art.

Art isn’t just paintings. It’s the way trees flow in the wind; the way sound dances and sways through a room; the way one uses words to bring to life what lives in one’s head. There are so many beautiful versions of art, and we need each other to see them all.

I have a gift that allows me to see the joy in lots of things. I can learn how to do pretty much anything, so I can see first hand why someone might love (or really hate) something. I love being able to partake in what makes someone else so happy. Even if it’s just a glimpse.

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