I know I said last week that I was going to write a post about one way I deal with hard things, but that is not happening this week. I figured before I keep posting I should update everyone on some new things.

I’m going to start posting on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and I’m still going to be doing Photograph Fridays. I’m going to post sometime between 5 and 6, so that if I procrastinate (not that I ever do *cough cough*) I’ll have plenty of time to try and write a post.

Also, Erin Go Blog now has a Facebook page! I really don’t know much about starting a Facebook page, so I guarantee there will be plenty of bumps along the road. This should be another easy way for people to find out when there are any new posts or galleries.

This particular post isn’t really that interesting, but make sure to come back next week. I have a couple good ones in store.