The Difference in People

I feel like I’ve spent years and years hearing stories about people who put there heart and soul into something and made it happen. I’ve always wanted to have something that I just, “made happen”. Turns out it’s not that easy. In so many aspects of my life I have tried to push, and push, and push. You know what I learned? Sometimes you need to step back, look at what your pushing, and decide if it’s really worth it. Or at least reevaluate and see if you WANT to keep pushing.

I, myself, tend to get caught up in the pushing, and where I’m going, and completely forget why I started in the first place. Everything I do just becomes hard, and unfun, and never like it was when I just started. I’m never focused on the thing I love, but getting to a “goal” I thought I had to achieve. It made me think, “If this is so hard, why not go back to when it was fun? When I actually enjoyed it?”

I’m not saying the constant pushing is a bad thing, and some people really need it, but I just don’t work like that. I always thought I had too, but I don’t. There’s nothing wrong with doing what you love and keeping it that way.